Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Memoir in Six Words?

Okay, Musings tagged me so I'll play...

Rules:  Write a title for your memoir using only six words.
              Link to person who tagged you.
              Tag five other people.

Sounds easy, until you try to condense your life into six words.  I don't know 5 other bloggers to tag.  I'll do my best.

LEARNING HAPPENS, CONTENT IS WHAT MATTERS  (serious, philosophical title)

LOOK OUT, THE TEACHER IS COMING (realistic, heard-everywhere title)

You knew I couldn't manage just one.

Now I tag the ever enthusiastic teacher mama, and star-struck geography queen always a teacher, always a survivor.

 I'm relatively new to the blogosphere so my links are limited but growing.


Lin said...

i like your six words, very profound...learning happens, content is what matters...says a lot in a little how does this relate to your life?

teacher retired said...

Everybody learns...how to get out of trouble, how to manipulate others, how to pretend they know answers, OR how to solve conflicts, how to work to learn, and how to keep track of their understanding.

I've seen lots of both. I've struggled with and worried about those in the first group, rejoiced and explored with those in the latter.

alwaysateacher said...

For Alwaysateacher:

Gardening: Raising children, flowers, and geo-awareness!

(OKAY, I cheated a bit on that last word..but it works for me!!))

alwaysateacher said...

I could make a 4-word tag for you teachersays:

"Setting the Bar High"

alwaysateacher said...

Speaking of "star struck geography gueen", apparently I have a new job with National Geographic and the Utah Geographic Alliance. I will be the State coordinator for the GeoAction program. I will set up workshops and inservices for teachers around the state to show them great geography teaching resource sites to help promote geography awareness week and obviously geography awarenesss for teachers/students and schools. It will be a part-time job (not), and I am scheduled for training at George Washington University (GEORGETOWN ROCKS!!) July 21-24 (all expenses paid by NGS..YEAH)Interesting where my "retirement" (NOT) is leading me......

Musings said...

That's a terrific meme. Great choice! You're such an excellent writer that I knew you'd come up with something perfect.