Friday, March 23, 2012

Entitlement Creep

I think a huge problem today is entitlement creep. Parents experience the beginnings of it with the best of intentions. They bring a child a small treat from a shopping trip, just because they were thinking of him. If the parent gets a fun reaction, chances are they'll do it again. In very few trips, the child is soon asking, "What did you bring me?"

If a teacher rewards students' behavior or accomplishments with tangible rewards, before long students ask, "What will I get if I....?"

Pay your children for cleaning their rooms or doing normal chores and it won't take long before they want payment for everything they do.

Unfortunately, many adults have come to expect things for little or no effort too. Somewhere along the way they lost the idea of personal responsibility or working to earn what they want.

I watched a television news spot where a woman was shouting questions to a presidential candidate. She was asking about his views on women's health issues and her last shouted question was did he support free birth control. The "free" part surprised the candidate, and me. Where did this woman get the idea that something like that could be free? It must be produced, packaged, shipped, stored, and distributed. Costs are incurred all along the way and must be paid if we want additional product.

A depressingly large number of people seem to believe that the "government" gives money, services, and products away. Not true. They use money taken from other people. It is so wrong that we can work for many years, save all we can, invest carefully when we're able, and live always within our means only to have our own government demand a fat percentage of what we have so it can be given to someone who choses not to do those things. As if a circumstance (self-inflicted or not) entitles one to someone else's earnings.

Sunshine is free, but not much else is.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Painted with a broad brush

I'll admit that I get a little irked over some things others don't even notice. My sister mentioned she had that tendency too and was amazed by those who weren't bothered. Lately I've found myself resenting being painted with a broad brush. Advertisers, sponsors, public service spots seem to try to make us all the same and it bugs me.

There are items for sale that I "can't live without." Wanna bet?

There is a show "everybody is talking about." Who is everybody? As if we all have nothing to do but talk about about a television show--pure fiction.

I've "heard (this company) has the best customer service." I have? Who told me?

"Everybody loves a meatball sub." Who took that survey? I've never even eaten one.

"Most people prefer Almond Milk in their cereal to regular milk." Did someone ask everyone but me? Talk about hyperbole.

This is "the episode [I've] been waiting for." Wow, I don't usually get too excited about upcoming programming, but if they say so.....

None of these really involve or pertain to me. No one asked me, I answered no questions, I was not polled. But I guess lots of folks know all about what I eat, watch, talk about, and think. Where's my foil hat?