Sunday, May 22, 2011

Toe socks

I have strange feet. Maybe everyone has something unique about their feet, but I know my genetics give me certain toe characteristics. Most of the time my feet don't cause me any trouble. I'm too old and fond of comfort to ever wear the high-fashion footwear that some young women like. I'm not sure I would ever have worn such shoes.

I do like to walk and soon after I began this blog I posted about the MBTs I found and loved. They stopped the burning pain I would have in the balls of my feet after about 2 miles.

However, after a long walk, especially on a warm day, the configuration of my toes caused pinch blisters. My third and fourth toes were too cozy and when they were pushed together a little by my shoes, blisters blossomed. What I didn't know was that my oldest son has the same problem. I did know that he is very resourceful. He introduced me to toe socks--but not the multi-colored novelties for winter. These come in a variety of weights and styles, some to wear under regular socks, some heavier.

I bought some. They are a bit tricky to put on my "cozy" toes, but once on they don't feel much different than ordinary socks. So far, no blisters for me!

My son just showed me his new toe shoes. Probably not something for me; I'll just wear my comfy MBT sandals when my toes need their space.