Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blogger confusion

Once in a while, Blogger drops me and requires me to sign in again. Is this a common problem? My computer is seldom turned off; it usually just sleeps. When I wake it, sometimes I am signed in and sometimes I am not. Sometimes I can just click "sign in" and it pulls my blogs right up. Occasionally, I have to do the whole e-mail address/password thing.

Is this a glitch of my Internet provider, my computer, my modem, or just a blogspot quirk?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More fun license plates

Okay, I wasn't planning to do this, but I can't resist another look at vanity license plates. Sometimes I just smile at them and then forget, but when I can I record messages to myself on my phone. I have a pretty good accumulation now and I can't just erase them--that would be wasteful. So here goes.

The plates often seem to describe the drivers/owners like the Suburban that carries RVR RNR, the red van with 4GETFL L, a Toyota driven by MINNIE, a dark truck with WTR DOG, and a truck that said KID FXR (not sure what that meant). There was a sporty Mustang GT that was GPASTOY, but I was jealous of the dark Gray Jeep that carried a TREKKIE (me too).

Some plates are a kind of advertising like a pest control truck with BUG MD, or a Prius that says EAR LADY. Some could describe the owner, the vehicle, or the attitude like the Suburban that was HRD COR, the black truck with LGTNFST, the black BMW that said PAINLES, and the Mustang with BRN RUBR. A big white truck was EXPIRED (pondered the meaning of that for a while), a dark green SUV was FOILED, and a huge orange truck was BIG TINY.

And often they are just interesting like the sporty Subaru that was WAFFLES, the red sedan that said MEOWCH, the light colored SUV made me smile with O MY HALE. A gray crossover said 6 BUCKS (must mean something), an older big, blue sedan said YAMAHA (could be the musical instruments, motor vehicles, or something else entirely), a small SUV was GGGGGGG (easy to remember), and finally a red, Saturn Vue that said B GUDE.