Sunday, December 15, 2013

More creative license plates

I'm certain that I've chuckled at a number of plates that I've forgotten, but I made some notes--written and verbal--to help me remember.  People are creative and I, for one, am glad that they share with me.

A well-used, small, blue pickup truck's plate said ZOMBKLR.  Good to know.

A creamy, yellow crossover was SUN E 1.  Could be a comment on attitude.

Another attitude was likely showing on a little gray crossover.  It was an ESCP POD.

Most license plates definitely refer to the owner.  Like the big SUV that said BRWNSGR.  The vehicle was white.

A sporty, red car was flaunting a BASGUTR.

A PT Cruiser had a friendly TOODALU.

Then there are the plates that obviously came from nicknames.  SWEEDEE, WEEZER, B BO, and--my favorite--WYADURP.

My hubby and I laughed at the creativity of the plate we saw while traveling.  When asked for a plate number, the driver could honestly say,  NONE.

I can't help but watch, so I'm bound to collect more.