Monday, June 28, 2010

It's like...

I know that I wrote about this some time ago, but unfortunately, I haven't noticed the frequency diminishing. Sometimes when I read the status updates on my young Facebook "friends," it seems as if there is a written code, understood only by a select few. I miss careful grammar and good spelling, and really appreciate those who take it seriously.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'm a little strange, I know.

Anyone who has read my blog may have noticed that I am a license plate watcher. I notice the fun, silly, and bizarre personalized plates, as well as the regular plates. I don't know how other states do it, but Utah as a certain pattern to its plates. There are two main designs: Ski Utah and the Delicate Arch, plus the many specialized plates. The ski one is what you get for no extra charge so it is the most common.

When the Ski Utah plates came out they were three numbers and three letters. They began with ### ALL (L means letter for my purposes), as more people got plates they just continued through the alphabet: ### BLL, ### CLL, until the last ones I saw were ### PLL (they skipped O--too much like zero). Then, just a short time ago Utah changed the pattern. Now the Ski plate has L## #LL. But again, they began with A##, #LL. I've seen some that start with B now.

The Delicate Arch plate had the same pattern, but started from Z (### ZLL) and worked up the alphabet. The last ones I saw before the change was ### ULL. The new design and pattern is the same as the Ski one, except it also started with Z (Z## #LL). I'm guessing that they had to change the pattern: the Ski plates were clear to P and the Arch plates were at U. Before long they would meet.

While you're thinking I'm a bit touched in the head let me say another thing I noticed today. I happened to get behind a Cadillac Escalade then a Mercedes SUV whose registrations had both expired the end of January! People who drive expensive cars can't afford to keep them legally registered? I kind of understood a jeep whose had expired the end of May, but January?
Come on people.