Sunday, December 15, 2013

More creative license plates

I'm certain that I've chuckled at a number of plates that I've forgotten, but I made some notes--written and verbal--to help me remember.  People are creative and I, for one, am glad that they share with me.

A well-used, small, blue pickup truck's plate said ZOMBKLR.  Good to know.

A creamy, yellow crossover was SUN E 1.  Could be a comment on attitude.

Another attitude was likely showing on a little gray crossover.  It was an ESCP POD.

Most license plates definitely refer to the owner.  Like the big SUV that said BRWNSGR.  The vehicle was white.

A sporty, red car was flaunting a BASGUTR.

A PT Cruiser had a friendly TOODALU.

Then there are the plates that obviously came from nicknames.  SWEEDEE, WEEZER, B BO, and--my favorite--WYADURP.

My hubby and I laughed at the creativity of the plate we saw while traveling.  When asked for a plate number, the driver could honestly say,  NONE.

I can't help but watch, so I'm bound to collect more.


Kay said...

What fun! I've been taking photos of license plates these last few months, but haven't done the post yet. I just saw one that I couldn't get a photo of near the military base. It said, BOMSQAD.

Lin Floyd said...

welcome back, are you hibernating in our cold weather?

dellgirl said...

Happy New Year to you. Wishing you peace, love & happiness in 2014!

Sharon said...

My husband and I love watching license plates too!